Solid Rock Outreach Ministries
111 Hill Ave. Forrest City, Arkansas 72335
(870) 559-8747

Worship With Us

Salvation. It is our goal for every soul that walks upon this earth. As warriors of Christ, we are on a mission to spread His word and be a light amidst the darkness. Through our walk with God, we aim to bring peace and love into the lives of all. Let our Lord be the comfort and direction you need.

Connecting With God

Beginning a spiritual journey starts with a connection to God. Take the time to talk with Him in prayer everyday. Through these daily devotions His light begins to shine in your life and the path for your life starts to unfold. We believe a strength of faith and character begins the moment you accept Him into your life.

Living In Truth

Once you have made a friend of God and developed a close connection, live His truth. Become an example to all those around you. It is the greatest way to draw others to His word and ultimately, to salvation. As followers of Christ, we must lead lives that exalt our Lord and our faith through our actions.

Sharing The Word

Reading the Bible and truly knowing His word is a cornerstone to strengthening your faith. We believe in daily reading of the scriptures and sharing the Word with others.

Fellowship & Worship

We encourage you to celebrate and praise His name through fellowship and worship. Join us for prayer, song, sermon and group worship to draw closer to our Lord.

About Us